Zeek Rewards Calculator

To Monitor Your Results

Have you longed for a Zeek Rewards calculator to help you make sure your back office report is in line with what other people are being paid in the daily Retail Profits Pool? Look no more, here it is! Simply input your appropriate amount of VIP points into Box 1 and the results show in Box 3 instantly as you type.

(BOX 1) -- Enter VIP points from yesterday for line item immediately prior to last night's run. Enter no decimal, i.e., $123.45 entered as "12345" (no quotes)

(BOX 2) -- Profit share decimal (multiplier) for (today), pool (yesterday), as determined by this site's webmaster.

(BOX 3) -- Your calculated Retail Profit Share Award for today (for yesterday's business) according to the profit share decimal provided by this site's webmaster.

(Box 3 changes immediately as you input into Box 1.)

If you see a positive answer in Box 3 above, Zeek was profitable last night!

Should you see a discrepancy (other than a minor rounding difference), make sure you entered your correct VIP points. Please do not contact the webmaster for support; direct support calls to your sponsor. If both you and your sponsor have double-checked the calculations and feel that the profit share decimal (multiplier) is incorrect, please contact this webmaster.

TIP: Keep two browser tabs (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome) open to your Zeek Rewards site and this site 24/7; don't close the tabs! You'll be visiting each day anyway! Didn't know you could do that?

NOTE: No results are guaranteed but not much in life is! As for Zeek Rewards and their Retail Profit Pool, it's very simple: If they make a profit, we can earn a share in that pool by qualifying. And qualifying is not hard! If Zeek does not make a profit on any given day, we have potential income streams other than the daily pool. Please protect your Zeek business (and mine) by getting proper training for what we can and cannot say about this revolutionary business model.

The Zeek Rewards Calculator is provided for you to monitor your profit share results; feel free to share with other Zeek Rewards affiliates. Best of luck to you!

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